Since setting sail with its first boat in 2007, Bhaya Classic has earned its place among the most well-reputed cruise operators in Halong Bay and now operates the largest fleet of cruise boats in the area. With innovative cruise designs and a programme of annual renovations to keep its ships meeting very high safety criteria, Bhaya Classic sets the standard for Halong Bay cruises

Our cruise routes focus on less-visited parts of the bay so you are more likely to have the scenery to yourself, and a range of cultural activities are available on board

With high standard service delivered by experienced, English speaking staff, dining options offering traditional Vietnamese culinary experiences, thoughtfully designed cruise routes and clean, exceptionally pleasing accommodation, Bhaya Classic is proud of the value for money we deliver, with remarkably competitive prices. Cruise passengers on Bhaya Classic can also rely on us to arrange visas for Vietnam, as well as accommodation in Hanoi and transport between the capital city and Halong Bay. Book with Bhaya Classic, and leave the details to us

With carefully trained English speaking staff, the service standards on board Bhaya Classic are excellent. We aspire to have all cruise passengers fully satisfied, and the warm attitude of our staff members and the good quality of on-board accommodations and facilities help us achieve this.



  • No of rooms/Villas:
  • Size: 12,5 m2


  • No of rooms/Villas:
  • Size: 16,5 m2


  • No of rooms/Villas:
  • Size 20 m2


  • Bathroom
  • Spa
  • Restaurant & bar
  • Sundeck